Pieter Holkenborg is a Dutch musician and is best known for his work in alternative rockband Automatic Sam. Besides Automatic Sam he plays guitar in Ten East (USA – improv/ambient), MÖTHRA! (freejazz) and Generation Doom (hardcore punk). Pieter is a former bandmember of i.a. Shaking Godspeed and Woost and  he has performed with i.a. Yawning Man, Rhys Chatham, Andre Manuel, Rudeboy’s Club Of High Eyebrows, Jack Broadbent, Backcorner Boogie Band and a couple of (punk) rock and experimental groups.

Zero Return
This debutalbum is written and recorded in two days and two nights on a 4-track cassettedeck in the former Automatic Sam rehearsalspace.

At his solo performances Pieter combines the raw sound of Zero Return with his love for soundscapes, drones and experimental guitarplayers like Nels Cline, Gary Arce and Dylan Carlson. Pieter cites Yo La Tengo, Neil Young, Mauro Pawlowski and Sparklehorse as the biggest influences on his songwriting.

Foto: Mike Nicolaassen

Photo by Mike Nicolaassen